Copyrights and All That Jazz

In my first podcast from update #2, I answered a very legitimate question about copyrights regarding Sierra music. I answered it again in The Gamer’s Dome webcast from January 29, 2013.

But I haven’t done this in writing here, and am doing so now just in case there are any backers who have not yet been briefed.

So here is the full disclosure.

I Will Not Infringe

I approached Activision, who now owns the Sierra catalog, asking to license my Sierra music for this album.

The people over at Activision are great. We had a fun chat about the Sierra catalog and all the new adventure games by Sierra designers successfully funded through Kickstarter.

But at the end of it all, I came away from our conversation understanding that Activision just has bigger fish to fry and prefers to use its legal department to work on stuff that generates significant revenue. Under The Half Dome is not part of that “stuff.”

The last message I received said they’re just not interested in licensing the Sierra music to anyone.

Taking Inspiration

To address this, when it comes to resurrecting my Sierra music, the tracks on this album will be “inspired by” the music I created for Sierra’s games.

I want the music on this album will remind you of the work I did for Sierra.

I’m not using any of the source material or MIDI tracks from those games. Rather, the recordings are fresh new performances of all new music that also pays tribute to many of those classic Sierra games.

Non-Sierra Tracks

As for the music I created in my post-Sierra days, I was careful to retain ownership of the work so I have a bit more freedom on those tracks.

Thank you all who’ve cared enough about the legalities to raise this issue with me.

And thanks to all for your support of this project. Your response has been amazing!

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  1. Rob Atesalp says:

    Hey Ken,

    All the best to you and your upcoming album.


    Rob Atesalp

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