Call for “Dancers”

Can you groove with your mad dance skills to this? 
How about air guitar?

GREAT! Video record yourself, or you and some friends putting on the moves to the song. Disguises are OK!

Don’t worry about audio in your recording, I’ll overdub with the actual song.

Afterward I will edit a music video featuring the most fun dance moves from your submissions and post it online for all to enjoy.

How To Submit

To send me your file, you can use any of the large-file transfer services. Here’s a list of just a few.

Send the file to

You can even use YouTube and share the file with me privately. My YouTube name ismrkenallen.

If you experience difficulty while sending the file, contact me at the email address above and we’ll work out something.


If you shoot the video using your iPhone or Android smartphone, simply send the footage as-is.

If you are using another device, such as a Flip camcorder or Kodak Zi8, make sure the resolution is high enough to be viewable at full screen. 720p is preferred.


Submissions no later than February 15, 2013 midnight Pacific Time. I need enough time to edit the video before the Kickstarter concludes.

Legal Stuff

By submitting video to me, you agree to the following rules.

  • You still own your video.
  • You give me permission to use any part of the video in connection with this album and this Kickstarter campaign and I do not have to pay you.
  • This is your video and not someone else’s.
  • If your video includes friends, you MUST have their permission to let me use the video. This is important!
  • Sorry, if you are under 18, you may not submit a video.

Image of the Dancing Penguins is licensed through Creative Commons. Music is by Ken Allen, and performed by Brandon Blume.

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One Response to Call for “Dancers”

  1. I apologize in advance for posting this here, but when I try to contact you I constantly get an “incorrect Captcha” even when I am certain I’ve got it right. I hope this is okay!

    I’m sure you’re probably all set and everything, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to let you know that I’ve always been an enormous fan of your work, brown nose etc., you get the picture, haha. Anyway, I’m a musician and I just figured if you were at all interested you could check out some of my music (particularly Anna’s ghost, based off the character from QfG4.) Just offering in case you need more singers. Good luck with the kickstarter (which I can already see you don’t really need!) I will be very much looking forward to the album when it comes out. Take care and thank you SO MUCH for some of my favorite music of all time (I have the Conquests of Camelot soundtrack on a CD and I listen to it constantly, to the severe annoyance of my wife. I apparently also really like parentheses.)

    – Tom

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